About Nails

 1. Are the nails reusable?
YES. With proper care of your Kuko Nail Sets, you can wear and reuse it multiple times! Keep your nails safe in the box and adhesive strip provided.

2. What is a Nail Care Kit?
The Nail Care Kit is FREE for every press on nails set.
Nail File, Nail Tabs, Nail Glue, Alcohol Pad, Instruction Card

3. How long does it last?
Nail tabs: 1-2 days of wear (perfect for vlog shoots, content shoots)
Nail glue: 1-3 weeks (Make sure to follow the correct nail prep process to insure long lasting wear.

4. What sizes do you have?
Sizes are from XS to L. You can also opt for custom size and send us your exact measurements. (Message us at @kuko.ph)

5. How do I know my size?
You can measure your nails using our sizing guide and size chart posted on this link.